A Dispatch From The (Former) Blue Wall

Is running as an anti-Trump candidate enough for Democrats to win back states they lost in 2016?

One of many pro-Trump signs outside a manufacturing facility in Detroit, MI. | James Morrison/WAMU

Rochester, Michigan

Kathleen VanPoppelen, of Rochester, MI, is a lifelong Republican who says she won’t vote for Trump in 2020, but she also won’t back a progressive Democrat. | James Morrison/WAMU

Clinton Township, Michigan

Bryan DeHenau, of Clinton, Michigan, voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but is now a solid supporter of President Trump. “The man’s a godsend,” he says. | James Morrison/WAMU

Detroit, Michigan

Here’s Jacinda Cason, standing in front of 8 Mile Wall in Detroit. She says Trump might win if Democrats keep taking black votes for granted | James Morrison/WAMU

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