We Met Some Fantastic People In 2019. Here Are Some Of Their Stories.

From pop star Charli XCX to the boomer who called us about “ok boomer,” we wanted to celebrate some of the people who shared their stories with us this year.

Compiled by 1A producer Kathryn Fink

Adam Rippon and Joshua Johnson at WAMU in October. Chris Tylec | WAMU

Asiaha Butler

Appeared on: “Meet The Weavers

Charli XCX

Appeared on: “Breaking The Rules With Charli XCX

Listeners Who Shared Stories About Pregnancy Loss

Appeared on: “What Does It Mean To Lose A Pregnancy?

Nadia Mohamed

Appeared on: “1A Across America: Being Somali American

Charlie Fudge

Appeared on: “Colson Whitehead Exhumes The Past In ‘The Nickel Boys’”

Adam Rippon

Appeared on: “Heading Out On The Ice With Adam Rippon

Tiya Tonn

Appeared on: “1A Across America: Missed (Internet) Connections In Kansas

Noel Sudano

Peggy Flanagan, Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota

Appeared on: “1A Across America: Indigenous And In Office

Chanel Miller

Appeared on: “Chanel Miller Wants You To Know Her Name

A Listener Named Paul

Appeared on: “‘Ok Boomer:’ Apathy, Anger And The Birth Of A Meme

Cara McClure

Appeared on: “1A Across America: Breaking The One-Party South

Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee

Appeared on: “Tracee Ellis Ross Teams Up For Time’s Up With Her Aunt, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee

A Listener Named Kyle

Appeared on: “How To Raise Boys

Alice Levitt

Appeared on: “Special K: Ketamine, From Party Drug To Depression Medication

Elizabeth Acevedo

Appeared on: “Elizabeth Acevedo On The Fire Behind Storytelling

A Listener Named Sarah

Left a voicemail for: “Undocumented But In Demand: Immigration And Labor In America

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