We Won’t Have A Summer Intern This Year. But We Still Want To Talk With You.

We had to cancel our internship program this summer. We’re bummed out about it, so we made this post for you.

Our team, hard at work. (Credit: Tyrone Turner/WAMU)

We love mentoring and working with interns — you can tell because many on our team started there. But fret not, prospective interns: You can still connect with us about the wild world of the live NPR talk show. Every person listed here can download with you about the skills they listed.

Haili came to 1A after interning with NPR’s Code Switch and Weekend Edition. She can talk about producing a live show from start to finish — writing a script, tips for booking guests, editing audio and general journalism stuff. Reach her at hblassin@wamu.org.

Arfie came to 1A after interning at Twin Cities PBS and The Atlantic. She can talk to you about booking big gets, scripting, and any other early career journalism stuff. Say hey at aghedi@wamu.org.

Charla is a recent hire who came to us from SiriusXM. She’s been in radio for over a decade and mentors college students and interns. If political news is your thing, she’s your girl! Slide in her DMs or email charlaf@wamu.org.

Kathryn came to 1A after… interning at 1A. Before that, she freelanced at WHRO Public Media in Norfolk, Va. She’d love to chat with you about writing for the ear, booking an A+ panel, editing audio, and getting innovative with sound. Give her a holler at fink@wamu.org.

Gabi came to 1A after a bunch of internships, including at WBUR in Boston and WCAI in Woods Hole, Mass. She can talk with you about creating a strong voice on social media, podcast production and off-platform strategy for talk shows. Reach her, naturally, via Twitter DM or at ghealy@wamu.org.

Jonquilyn came to 1A after working as a production assistant at NPR during the 2016 election. She’s a producer for the show and is also working on a podcast for WAMU. You can email or DM her to talk about producing, booking, standing out to potential employers, and anything Beyonce has done. Contact her: jhill@wamu.org.

Avery joined 1A after working at WAMU’s local program, The Kojo Nnamdi Show. She also freelances as a reporter. She can talk local vs. national, reporting vs. producing and freelancing. DM her or email her at avery@wamu.org.

Jon is our director of station relations and audience development. He can help you figure out a strategy to grow your national audience for your project. He also works with us remotely, even before the pandemic hit, so he can talk to you about that, too. Email him at jpeck@wamu.org.

James is 1A Across America’s field producer. He’s been a true-crime podcaster, a sound designer, an on-air host and a reporter. He can offer advice on pitching to NPR and podcasts, sound reporting, writing long-form radio stories and breaking into public radio. Find him at jmorriso@wamu.org

Paige is one of our senior producers! But only after two internships and a bunch of PT/freelancer gigs. She can talk about writing, booking, and hustling. Her deets: osburn@wamu.org.

Sasha-Ann has been telling news stories for more than a decade. As a student, she interned a LOT… like one internship per semester. Ask her questions on conducting interviews, editing audio/video and writing TV/radio scripts. Say hey at simons@wamu.org.

Amanda came to 1A from the wild world of newspapers, where she covered education and breaking news. She’ll answer any questions you have about radio, writing, reporting or her cute dog Chaco. Reach her at amandaw@wamu.org.

1A is the midday news show from @WAMU885 and @NPR. Find the podcast at npr.org/1a.

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